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Toast & Jam #ST-2027

Full-sized pattern pieces to sew up two styles of whimsical Jam Jars, one with a ruffle (Super Cute), one without a ruffle (Super FAST), plus Toast with butter and a dollop of jam! Make some amusing decorative pot holders, mug mats and trivets for Quick projects & Fun gifts! Approximate finished size: Toast 7” x 8½“, Jam Jar 7“ x 8“. 

More labels available on the "Tutorial Page
"Jam Jar Labels"
For "Toast & Jam" #ST-2027 pattern
For printable labels onto June Tailor prepared fabric sheets, or traceable for embroidery.
We included more than just “Jam” labels, like Jelly Beans, Candy Corn, Peppermint Twists, Etc.,
for other holidays and gift giving.  Make jars in your favorite style or content, even Fireflies!
Click on Link for more Label ideas:

To help Clarify the instructions we have made a few changes - Starting with Jam Jar Instructions.

    Jam Jar Labels Instructions there are a few ways to make the “Jam Jar Labels.”

A.  Hand-Embroidered Labels:  Using our Jam Jar Label pattern, trace on a piece of Label fabric large enough to fit your hoop. Hand-embroider using a back-stitch.  Press flat.  

B.  Printed Labels: Visit our Website -
and look for the “Tutorial Page”; scroll down until you find “Jam Jar Labels”, then print out desired pages onto sheet(s) of June Tailor Sew-In Colorfast Fabric™ Sheets for Ink Jet Printers.
Remove the paper backing and press the back side to set ink(s).

C.   If you have a sewing machine with an alphabet,
 or are lucky enough to have an embroidery machine,
 you can create your own style of lettering and labels;
 use the Label pattern as your guide.

1. Center fusible adhesive on the WS of the prepared Label(s) fabric (embroidery or pre-printed) and press fusible adhesive in place, FMI.  Cut out individual labels as needed.

2.  Trace around Jam Jar Top(s) template on the paper side of the fusible adhesive.  Loosely cut out traced piece(s).  Remove paper-backing, position Jam Jar Top piece on the RS of the cut Pellon-backed Jam Jar and press fusible adhesive in place, FMI.     

3.  Ruffle is not needed for the plain Jam Jar style. For Ruffle:  Cut a 4"x 10" piece of Ruffle fabric OR an 8" piece of cotton pre-gathered lace 1¼” - 2".     
4.  Remove paper-backing from the prepared cut Label piece(s), position pieces RS up on the cut Pellon-backed Jam Jar piece (as noted on the pattern for the style you’re making) and fuse in place, FMI.  Label positions are different for each style of Jam Jar as noted on the pattern.