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Who's Night Out! #ST-1331

Manufacturer #:ST-1331

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Fun Owl purse for girls of all ages! This Owl purse has an inside pocket along with two Wing pockets which will hold your keys, cell phone and more. Easy to make and a hoot to use! Approximate finished size 9" x 11" (excluding strap).

Who’s Night Out #ST-1331


Page 1.
â—? Cut TWO 12" x 7" pieces from the Contrasting fabric and TWO matching pieces from the woven interfacing. Fuse the woven interfacing pieces to the wrong sides of the cut fabric pieces,
following manufacturer’s instruction. Layer pieces wrong side together and trace around the Wing Pocket template once, then flip the template over and trace another Wing Pocket. Do Not Cut Out. Set aside.


Page 3.
11. Center prepared Flap between ears, with the wrong side of the Flap on the right side of the back Owl Body piece, and pin in place.
12. Arrange top edges of prepared lining (with the Inside Pocket towards where the back Flap is pinned in place), right sides together with the prepared Owl purse, and pin together, pinning up each extended Strip. Using a ¼� seam allowance, stitch around the top edges of the purse opening and up each Strip. You can push either the purse or lining inside the other to make sewing together easier; just make sure they are pinned together in the proper order, right sides together with the Flap in between (Flap’s wrong side to right side of the back of the purse).

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