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Kippers #ST-1704

We adopted a new kitty this year and named her Kippers; she’s very sweet, especially for once being a feral cat, and she inspired this pattern.  Our “Kippers” pattern includes full-sized pattern pieces to sew up some year-round whimsical Kitty placemats, table toppers or table runners for everyday use and parties (e.g., use Halloween print fabric for a theme party)!  Sew quick and easy to make!  Approximate finished size:
13½" x 13½".

What are Kippers?
Kippers (which is cured herring) is a British institution. According to Alan Davidson, a food historian and the author of "The Oxford Companion to Food," this dish originated as a way to preserve the herring; but the curing process -- involving salting, drying, and cold smoking -- imparted such a delicious flavor to the fish that the dish has remained a favorite among the English, Irish and others to this day. I personally like Kippers (both my kitty as well as a food to eat) - with an Irish father, the food was a staple in our home. I also thought the name a very cute one for both my kitty and the pattern it inspired.