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 All of our patterns are copyrighted. All rights reserved. No part of any of our patterns may be photocopied or reproduced in any form without written consent from Susie C Shore Designs. Our patterns were designed for Personal Use Only. Items made using our copyrighted designs/patterns are protected by US Federal Copyright Laws, are for your personal use only and may not be produced for resale or commercial use in any form without prior written consent from Susie C Shore Designs.

Commercial sales of finished products using our patterns is allowed, but are restricted to
no more than a total of twenty-five (25) pieces, and may be offered for sale only in local venues only (craft fairs, bazaars, etc.).

Sales via mass-marketing or to retail stores, as well as all catalogue sales and Internet sales, are NOT permitted without prior written permission.

Internet auction sales (i.e. Ebay, Etsy, etc.) are prohibited without prior written consent from Susie C Shore Designs; and we require that a statement be added to all auctions/listings selling our designs to protect our designs from unlawful copying and mass-production as finished items. You will need to obtain permission, and the authorized verbiage/statement, from us. If these requirements are violated, we will take action as required.

You may contact our offices by calling us at  (623) 214-2311, e-mail us at: or by filling out the Contact Us form (please provide your e-mail address).

Making copies of our patterns for your family, friends, guild meetings or for teaching classes is not permitted - it is unethical and violates copyright laws. All copyrights apply to artwork, templates and designs, and are protected under US copyright laws. Unauthorized reproduction by any means of all (or any portion) of our products is strictly forbidden without written approval.

Thank you for your compliance!
Intended to use for fun. Mass producing, catalog sales, photocopying and all other forms of reproduction are strictly prohibited. Reselling items made from our designs on eBay, ETSY or any other online shop is prohibited without prior permission.