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Here at Susie C Shore Designs, we offer sewing, quilting, and crafting enthusiasts an exclusive collection of whimsical patterns. Because we believe sewing should be a fun experience, we design each pattern with simplicity and practicality in mind, providing easy to follow, step-by-step instructions that will ensure your success. From hot pads and quilts to wall hangings, table toppers and more, we hope you’ll find something to inspire your creative spirit. We're always adding new designs, so be sure to check back with us often!

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Shown Below Are Some Of Our New Patterns!
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Project Of The Month Competition

WE love to share pictures of our customers finished projects on Face Book, but never seem to have enough.  So, we decided to have a monthly competition!
When you make projects using Susie’s patterns/designs, take pictures and send the pictures in JEPG format to for consideration (by the third Wednesday of the month).
The project(s) submitted must use one of Susie’s designs for the finished item(s).    
We must be able to see the complete design/project in the photos you send.
The winner will receive a pattern of their choice from Susie’s Designs website
The evaluation of the all submittals will take place on the third Wednesday of every month by our team which includes Fiona (Office Manager), Emma (Model Maker) and Susie (Designer and Chief Bottle washer).  The winner will be notified via e-mail, and once the winner chooses which pattern they want, we will share all the information on Face Book.

By submitting your picture(s) you are giving us permission to post your “finished project” on Face Book and our website.

Sorry, you cannot keep submitting the same work every month, but you can submit new projects every month to increase your chance of winning!
Thank you!  We look forward to seeing all your creations!!

A few people have asked for "U-Tube Tutorials."  We do not do video tutorials; the written instructions when followed are actually the tutorials.  We have, however, started to add "visual aids" for unique processes under the "Tutorial" section on our web site - you'll need to scroll down to the project you're working on to find the pictures.  We just started to add these "visuals aids" late in 2018 and now moving into 2019.  Hope they help!  Susie says she doesn't want to do videos because her age spots might show -- That's our Susie!

Sample Below

We have TWO new patterns
one for year round FUN!

"Princess Lay-A" #ST-1901
Sew up cute chicken Pot Holders, Mug Mats or Trivets!   Super Quick & Easy!  Approximate finished size 9” x 9”. 
We used Bias Binding for the Comb
which later becomes the Hanger! 
With Visual Aids under Tutorials!!

AND one For Christmas!! 
Yes, Christmas 2019...I made these for my Holiday Table (2018) and loved them so much, I just had to publish them --
Big pattern lots of fun projects!
  "Santa's Hat" #ST-1826
Full-sized pattern pieces to sew up jolly Santa Hat place mats with a Snowball mug mat attached - and we also include a bunch of individual Mug Mat designs to be used separately!  Make Hat trim with Chenille (for a fluffy look, like a real Santa’s Hat) or use the Fast applique method (instructions for both included).  Make whimsical Holiday party decorations,
or use for fun meals everyday!
 Approximate finished size: 18½” (with Snowballs) x 12½”.
With Visual Aids to help making Chenille under Tutorials!!

We sell our products to several mail order companies/vendors; they generally sell our patterns for a season or two and then move onto newer designs (including ours).  It's come to our attention that when these vendors deplete their stock of our patterns, they will tell their customer that the pattern has been discontinued - yes discontinued with them - BUT not by us.  These vendors rarely reveal the originating company name in their catalog/web site, so if you're looking for our products, the best thing to do is to check our web site to see if the pattern is still listed on the pattern pages - if it is, it's still available!

Two New Patterns
Our NEW Vintage Look - Baby Elephant Pot Grabber “Peanut”.  With our Peanut, your fingers go into the ears to grab hot items from the stove, oven or microwave.  Includes pattern pieces and instructions to sew up this Pot Grabber!  Approximate finished size
10” x 8”. 

Sew up the Sweetest Bunny Pot Holders, Mug Mats or Trivets!   Super Quick & Easy!  Use year round, but who really doesn’t want a Sweetie at Easter!?
 Approximate finished size 8½” x 10” with Ears.
Living in the Southwest Desert, we have cute wild bunnies (not jack rabbits) that I’ve been known to feed veggie trimmings.  There was a tiny little baby bunny who used to run right up me every time I went outside, wanting food - he was always hungry - that I named Sweetie.  He loved spinach, so I always kept some on hand.  Sweetie lived a good long life and gave us many more little Sweeties (none, however, as friendly as him).  We still enjoy seeing all the Sweeties everyday!

Our BEST selling pattern:  "Feed Happy Hippo" #ST-1812 if your family is a fan of "Hungry Hungry Hippo" you'll love this pattern! To use this hot pad your hand goes into his, fun, fun!

 Includes pattern pieces and instructions to sew up a Happy Hippo Pot Holder/Hot Pad.  Approximate finished size 9” x 9¼” excluding Ears & Hanger.  Feed Happy by putting your hand inside his mouth.  Super Quick,  Whimsical and Fun!

Thank you, Patricia for letting us know about the glitch on our web site!  It seems that an update to the hosting company knocked out the ability to place an order on our web site from outside the US.  Patricia (from Australia) contacted us to report the problem, and we’re happy to say the problem has been resolved!  Please, if you ever have a problem on our site, let us know!  We also wanted to say we’re so sorry that anyone trying to place an order from outside the US received the same notice as Patricia.  World Wide Shipping!  We Ship Everywhere!

Thank you again for your support & Sew Happy!

We Love To Hear From You!  We love to hear from you about your projects!  We even like to share your finished ideas.

When you sign up for the newsletter, we’ll let you know about contests, announce all the new patterns, finished projects and shows we’ll be attending, plus more!  Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter and like us on Face Book for complete coverage. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our products We’re always happy to assist you in finding the patterns you need to create the projects you love, or to help you with your projects in work.

And don't forget to check back with us often to see the fun, new designs we'll be adding to our inventory!

From all the positive comments about our new web site, all we can say is Thank You!  We’re so happy you like the new web site design, which is now updated to make it easier to shop using your mobile devices/phones!

As you look through all Susie's fun projects, you might notice that most of them are for the kitchen and the table. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it gives Susie great pleasure seeing the delight and wonder on all of the children's faces when they see her fun new decorations for the holidays and everyday. 

Our designs are whimsical, fun, easy and PRACTICAL!  Designed with children (of all ages) in mind, they make parties, holidays or everyday meals fun, fun fun!

Thank you for stopping to visit! Be sure to check back often for more fun projects!